Indian Woman Whose Fiancé Got Fired From Amazon Asks If She Should Still Marry Him

When you are in love, you would want to go above and beyond for your partner and support them no matter what. That’s why they call it “in sickness and in health” and not “when it’s convenient and everything is going well”. However, that’s not always the case with arranged setups. Many arranged marriages are finalised on the grounds of financial security and when that vanishes, families don’t see the point of the marriage.

Here’s an example. On Reddit’s r/Arrangedmarriage subreddit, a user shared a screenshot of a marriage query that was posted by an Indian woman on some other platform. In it, we see that she asked, “Upcoming husband got laid off in Microsoft layoffs. Should I still marry him?”

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This comes at a time when thousands of employees have lost their jobs due to the mass layoffs in leading companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Twitter. The woman in question wasn’t sure whether she should still marry him.

Amongst the many people who responded to the post, some shared their own shocking experiences, while others were surprised by how mechanic things were. Many called the woman a gold-digger and said that the guy would be better off not marrying her. Have a look:

I seriously don’t understand how people decide to spend their lives together with another person with such a mentality.

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