Woman’s Reaction To Her Cheating Fiance Who Slept With Her Bridesmaid Is Pure Badassery!


It is hard not to gush at weddings are unions that that look like it was a match made in heaven. But behind all the spectacles there’s a bride and a bunch of bridesmaids who endure unspeakable pressure and a couple of almost-hazards before the D-day arrives. It’s a bond beyond words.

But what do you do when one of those, your trusted ones, turn their back? What do you do when your bridesmaid sleeps with your fiance? A day before your wedding?

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As awful as it sounds, this story, let me tell you, is no sob story! Instead, it’s the story of a wedding that never happened and that still manages to be a tale of triumph, girl love and pure badassery TBH!

It all began with a rather underrated disclaimer…

But just when we thought it couldn’t be that bad *BOOM*

However, the episode soon took a U-turn with friends and love that was not mentioned in the memo of the day.

Grab things important. Always.

‘No tears yet’. That’s gotta be good right?

What’s not to like about that?


The GUTS in some people *smh*

Oh, it didn’t stop there…

Don’t blame ya!

Without a second doubt!

Okay! Not long for long we’re sure.

THIS is why!

Now, that’s what you call closure.

Netflix >> everything

What did I tell ya about girl love?

We all need friends like this in life. Friends who’d have our back in the darkest of times and friends who’d play ‘painball’ on an expensive wedding gown when the ‘groom’ turns out to be a pain in the you-know-where! No?

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