Feminist Dad Sets New Rules For Dating His Daughters And The Internet Can’t Stop Applauding!

There has always been a certain stereotype attached to dads. If you want to date their daughters, you’re going to have to go through pretty much the most difficult obstacle course in the world. And why not, girls have always been their fathers’ little princesses, raised to believe that daddy knows best.

But there’s one proud papa out there who has had enough of these ‘scary dad’ jokes. And he is all about changing the rules of the dating game for his girls.

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J. Warren Welch, a father of five beautiful girls from Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA, has shared a post on Facebook specifying some pretty empowering “Rules” for dating his daughters. And not surprisingly, his feminist stand has been an absolute hit!

Welch and wife Natasha play doting parents to two 16-year-olds, Ashton and Jade, 13-year-old Darcy, 12-year-old Carmen and 7-year old Laney. He often posts his writings in the form of quotes, poems and rants across his social handles.

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Talking to TODAY Parents, Welch was quoted saying, “I was a feminist long before I had daughters, but it wasn’t until I was blessed with the task of raising young women that I realized why: these girls are amazing humans, and I can take no credit for that other than the fact that I at least knew that the best thing I could do for them is not try to ‘mold’ them.”

“These girls are my heroes!”


While Welch originally shared the post on his Facebook and Instagram on Sept 3rd, he shared it last night on Twitter as well. The post has gone viral, with more than 25,00,00 shares on Facebook and has been getting some major love.

1. Some think Welch’s way is the ONLY way.

2. Parents have even shared their own similar experiences.

3. And of course, there’s lots of praise on Instagram…

… and Twitter:


However, looks like there were a few negative reactions to Welch’s post too, which prompted him to justify his stand with another rant.

My long time followers are well aware that I'm not one for staying "on topic" from post to post. My writing is wildly eclectic, both in terms of content, and style. That being said, given the influx of new followers based on a recent piece I wrote about my views on being the father of daughters, I believe I'm going to stay on the subjects of fatherhood and feminism for a little bit, which from my perspective, are actually the same thing. Here is a piece I wrote not long ago that explains my personal feelings on the relationship between those 2 topics from a more in depth and personal perspactive. . . . . . . #jwarrenwelch #wordsmith #poet #poem #poetry #writer #wordporn #wordgasm #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetryporn #creativewriting #poetrycommunity #prose #spilledink #instapoet #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #wordart #sapiosexual #poetryisnotdead #drunkpoetsociety #writersofig #poetsofig #wordswithkings #wordswithqueens

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But you know what they say, “Haters Gonna Hate”! You keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. Welch, and raise those daughters to be strong, independent women who can take care of themselves!