Twitter Slams People Objectifying A Math Teacher Online Under Video’s Comment Section


We thought that public places can never guarantee a woman’s safety. No matter what a woman wears, how she behaves, what her age is, women in public spaces will always be prone to sexual harassment. However, even the online space is filled with filth directed towards women. Seldom you will come across journalistic, artistic, or educational video featuring women whose comment-sections are raided by people objectifying and sexualising them.

For example, a female teacher who features in several videos posted by the YouTube channel ‘eVidyarthi’ wherein she teaches mathematics to class 9 and 10 students is regularly faced with vile and crass comments from people online.

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Her videos receive a disturbing number of comments objectifying and sexualising her. Here are a few screenshots:

One Twitter user posted a few screenshots of the comments slamming the objectification of female teachers online.

As the screenshots went viral, several others online expressed their disgust over such incidents and called it “unacceptable”. Many highlighted how parents need to keep the behaviour of their kids in check to prevent the occurrence of such online harassment.


In such a time when most teachers are adjusting to the new normal, to new forms of technology which they have never used before, and are trying their best to conduct online classes for the betterment of their students, it is unfair and downright inadmissible to treat them with disrespect and humiliation.

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