Chandigarh Woman Constable Brings Baby To Duty, Twitter Demands Free Day-Care For Cops

There are several roles that a woman has to play in her everyday life. There are times when a woman has to be a professional, a caregiver, and a homemaker at the same time. Generations worth of conditioning has wired society in a way that they designate the primary responsibility of taking care of a child to the mother. And sometimes, the woman is left with no choice but to multi-task, even in a dangerous way.

For example, a video of a female traffic constable carrying her five-month-old baby with her during duty in Chandigarh went viral on social media recently.

According to The Indian Express, an investigation was done on the matter and the events that led to the woman making such a decision. Here is what was found:

The female constable has been identified as Priyanka who recently got off of a 6-month long maternity leave. She revealed how there was nobody to take care of her son while she was on duty.

“There is no one at home to look after my son who was born prematurely. My husband and in-laws are in Mahendragarh. I joined my duty four days ago. For the first two days, I was given duties near my residence after my request to do so. On Friday, my duty point- the Sector 15/23 roundabout, was very far away from my residence. I got late and received a call from the Traffic Police Lines, Sector 29. Duty is first for me, but I also cannot ignore my child. So, I took my child to Traffic Lines and later went to the duty point,” she said.

After requesting the authority, she has now been assigned lighter duty.

“A cop performing her duty keeping her child in her lap is not acceptable,” said SSP Manisha Chaudhury.

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It was also revealed that a male traffic constable who was also on duty urged her to go back home with her child but she insisted on working. Later, a senior traffic cop reached the spot and asked her to go home, and she did.

While there was many who glorified the woman for juggling both work and parental duties, there were others who highlighted that instead of celebrating women like her, authorities should consider making their lives easier. Many suggested free day-care for children of cops, reports News18.

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Applauding women in such situations and calling them an “inspiration” only makes matters worse. It would only normalise this practice for women when in reality, they need to be helped.

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