6 Hacks You Must Follow To Get Through A Busy Day And Still Feel Fresh

After a long day at work, do you often feel like cancelling all plans for the evening? Have you been procrastinating your gym sessions because you don’t feel fresh enough after a busy day? Have you succumbed to the delusion that adulting is meant to be this way; a constant battle of feeling pumped up in the morning to being low on energy post-sundown?

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Adulting is hard; it’s no secret that we are constantly trying to win this battle. However, we have a few tips up our sleeve to make you feel fresh the entire day, so you don’t feel like quitting your job and can pay your rent. (and probably don’t miss out on those gym sessions, party night outs, dating opportunities!)

You’re welcome! ?

1. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs-

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Yes, I know this is the most clichéd advice you have come across and are probably sick of this, but they are clichés for a reason, don’t you think? However, we understand there are limitations to this. What if your office is on the 18th floor? In that case, don’t be lazy and take the metro stairs.

2. Have flavoured water instead of regular water-

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Water is the solution to all your problems. Stomach troubles? Drink water. Feeling light-headed? Drink water. Have an annoying colleague? Try drowning them. But on a serious note, most of us forget to drink water in our busy lives so the simple hack is to drink flavoured lemon water instead of regular water. The taste of the lemon water will make you feel fresh inside out and keep you hydrated at the same time!

3. Use a deo-stick-

Taking a shower in the morning is not enough, especially when you’re taking the stairs, you’re bound to sweat a little. Also, if you’re going to work, the last thing you want is body odour ruining your professionalism, not to mention the ickiness you’ll feel, the moment you find yourself sweating buckets.

Cinthol, for instance, has come out with the good solution with their #TestedForAwesome deo-sticks that keep you smelling fresh all day. It’s a cream-based deodorant with active minerals, which makes its fragrance last three times longer. The best part is unlike other deo-sticks, it doesn’t burn your skin and keeps you dry throughout the day.

The Cinthol deo-sticks are fairly easy to use because they do not have the roll-on which can pull at your skin sometimes. So, it’s a win-win!

4. Freshening DIY mists for your face-

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Now, why should our body be the only one getting all the pampering? Our face deserves some love too! You can give your face and senses that re-invigorating pick-me-up by using a refreshing face mist. They are fairly easy to make too!

Just put a little bit of peppermint essential oil with some water, and you’re good to go. If by some cruel turn of fate, you’re allergic to peppermint, you can also try making a green tea mist. Just dip the tea bag in water and stick it in the freezer for a cooling spray. If you want to have some fun with it, you can even try putting them in cute, fancy bottles!

5. Put the caffeine on hold-

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The first thing we do when we arrive at the office is lunge for that cup of coffee before we even begin our day. However, this is not the best remedy. The reason being that this caffeine rush right in the morning will make you crash in the middle of the day. So, instead of making a beeline for that cup of coffee hold it off until the middle of the day and trust me, it will give you that extra push you need to make it through the day.

6. Make your desk an exercise station-

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We spend most of our day on our desk which further contributes to the lethargy. The solution? Turn your drab desk into a workout station! No, I don’t mean clutter it with dumbbells and go full-on gym freak but a few chair exercises won’t hurt.

You can stretch your limbs, walk about in the office for some time and even do ankle rotations, neck rotations and wrist rotations. You can even practice squats by clenching your thighs and sitting up and down on your chair.

So, now that you have all the tools for a fresher workday, what are you waiting for?

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