Indians Answer Whether Their Parents’ Unhappy Marriage Makes Them Not Want To Get Married

In today’s age, the concept of ‘shaadi’ is not as significant as it used to be decades ago. Ask a crowd of desi youngsters and you will have a handful of them saying they don’t want to get married. And among the many reasons they might state, one is the kind of marriages they have seen around them.

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A person on Reddit recently took to the ‘Ask India’ subreddit and posed a question that got everyone thinking. The person questioned, “Do you also not want to get married because you have seen the example of your parent’s marriage?”

Elaborating on it, the user further wrote, “I have seen many marriages where they live just for the sake of society, people fuccked up life is messy and boring and I prefer to live alone bcoz of this? Am I wrong?” (sic)

Do you also not want to get married because you have seen the example of your parents’ marriage? from india

The fact that people stay in unhappy and sometimes toxic marriages just for the sake of society and ruin their lives resonated with a lot of people online. This is what they said:

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There are also happy marriages that have positively impacted people.

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A handful of people also stated different reasons why they are not getting married.

A couple of people think normalizing divorce would make people less reluctant about marriages.

But we can learn and not make the same mistakes.

Getting into matrimony is a huge commitment in India especially when you are living in a joint family and have too many people giving opinions on your marriage. It’s pretty subjective and to each his own. What are your thoughts on it?

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