This Guy’s FB Post On Meaning Of True Love Shows How We Have A Flawed Perception Of It

What is love?

It seems so easy to feel it but is very difficult to define. Scientists may call it the release of several hormones and poets may pen beautiful words for it, but it will always remain an ineffable feeling in our minds. Moreover, we all have our individual ways in which we perceive love.

But there is one thing that all (or at least most) of us get wrong about love, that it is just a feeling with all the happiness of the world, failing to understand that love is what holds true in both, sunny and stormy days.

In a thought-provoking Facebook post, Dale Partridge has pointed out how true love is not just about feeling good but also about being accountable to the other, no matter how tough it seems.

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Here is what Dale wrote in his post.

We have love all wrong. Love has two sides. But culture has defined it as one. The love we know is about feeling good and being attracted.

But love doesn’t always feel good. True love comes with accountability, transparency, and even correction. True love comes with the willingness to say hard things to those closest to you.

I’ve seen too many people fall into addiction, walk away from a marriage, slide into depression, and live in habits that lead to destruction all because we aren’t willing to “love” people in the hard ways.

Ultimately, your silence is not love. It’s fear. It’s the lack of love. It’s passivity and avoidance. Let’s remember, the right thing is often the hard thing.

Let’s stop one-sided love. Let’s stop being cowards when it comes to difficult conversations. Because a quick painful word of correction, often prevents a lifetime of destruction.


The post may be small but it says a lot in very few words.

You can read Dale’s original post here.