“Are You Batman?” Faye D’Souza ROASTS A Bajrang Dal Member On Live TV In A Debate

Faye D’Souza has never been a woman to back down in the face of injustice and does not mince her words when it comes to calling out leaders who use ridiculous statements to protect themselves against the backlash of citizens.

Whether it is bashing a maulana for telling her to wear an underwear to office if she wants equality among men and women, or calling out the BMC for not having fully functional helplines at the time of a natural disaster, Faye is the woman India needs!

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She has shown her unafraid personality once again when she called out Sriraj Nair, Spokesperson for Vishwa Hindu Parishad for the Bajrang Dal breaking up a marriage between a Muslim man and a Hindu Woman, in the name of ‘Love Jihad’.

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Organisations have been using this as an excuse to break up even consensual marriages between Muslim men and Hindu woman saying that the Muslim men are feigning love to make the women convert to Islam.

Faye D’Souza was appalled by the Bajrang Dal’s audacity to barge into a marriage and protest over it, preventing the marriage from happening. She asked Nair who gave the authority to the Bajrang Dal to break up marriages of ordinary citizens.

Sriraj Nair leaped to the defence of his organisation saying that he was proud of the ‘boys’ for doing what they did. He further proceeded to say,

“Love Jihad is a fact, and the vulture mindset of a section of the society to lure Hindu girls, marry them, push them into jihad, push them into terror and make them breed the Muslim children.”

This is exactly where the spokesperson put his foot in his mouth and Faye did not lose a second in berating the man about his comment on women not having a mind of their own. Faye rightly said,

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“And just because you are a woman at the age 20-24, you believe they don’t have the ability to decide who they want to marry and who they don’t?”

Not only that, Faye also called out Nair on his comment about women being used for breeding Muslim children like they were some kind of animals.

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While Nair tried to defend himself by giving statements and arguments which made no sense whatsoever. Faye went about asking him whether he believes in the law and order of the country, and dropped THE bomb on him.

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Watch the entire video here-

Faye has grabbed eyeballs and applause with her wit which she uses to shut down people who use baseless arguments to defend themselves. We have no qualms in saying she deserves all of it!

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