Fatima Reveals She Was Punched For Slapping A Man Who Touched Her Inappropriately

‘Dangal’ actress Fatima Sana Sheikh recently recalled a horrifying eve-teasing incident that she had encountered, and talked about how her father rushed to her rescue.

The actress narrated that the incident took place while she was on her way back from the gym. She noticed that a man was staring at her, and she confronted him. They had a heated exchange before he inappropriately touched her face, HT reports.

She said, “Main raste mein jaa rahi thi gym ke baad. Ek ladka aaya aur wo ghoor raha tha. Toh maine bola, ‘Kya ghoor raha hai?’ (He said) ‘Ghoorunga, meri marzi.’ Maine kaha ‘Maar khaana hai?’ (He said) ‘Maar’. (I was on my way back from the gym when I noticed a man starring at me. I confronted him and asked why he was staring. He said ‘it is my wish’. I asked him if he wanted a slap. He replied, ‘slap me’.)

She continued, “I slapped him, he punched me. I blacked out. Of course, I called my father first and informed him about the incident. He came with two-three other men. You know how fathers are. That man ran into a street. My father, my brother, and their friends went all, ‘kaun tha jo meri beti ko haath lagaya?’ (Who touched my daughter).”

She concluded by lauding her father’s support in her life, stating that he is a ‘strong person and a strong support system’.

Harassment and eve-teasing is a grim reality, even for celebrities. Kudos to Fatima and her father for strongly fighting back against such miscreants.

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