US Man Tries To Sell His Baby For Fun, Asks Shop Owner “What’s His Worth?”, Turns Out To Be A Prank!

To what limit can you go to kill time when bored? Watch movies? Call friends over? Prank people on the road? Sell your baby? This certainly sounds a bit extreme but a father in Florida actually tried to pawn his baby ‘just for fun’! At least he says so!

Richard Slocum reached a store with his seven-month-old baby, placed him on the counter and told the shop owner, “This is what I got.” he told the owner, of the shop Richard Jordan in Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf coast that, “He’s barely used, seven and a half months old, what do you think he’s worth?”

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Jordan dialed 911 to report about the father who intended to pawn his baby as he as he left the shop. “He was pretty serious about it. He spun the baby around, and said, ‘Can I pawn this?’“, Jordan told a local television news channel.

Slocum soon came to know through social media that police were looking for him so he himself contacted the law enforcement. He, however, later on, claimed that it was just a prank and he did not intend to pawn his baby. The father said that the store owner could not understand his humor and called the police.

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“Slocum claims that his encounter with the store clerk was a prank and that he wanted to place his own video on social media,” the police said in a statement.

Slocum, a single parent makes funny video clips to share on social media. “They didn’t find it funny or hilarious at all and there was a lot of resources and time and money that went into it”, he told a news channel. Jordon also did not find it funny at all and said, “This is not funny, this is serious business,” reports Hindustan Times.

Police have confirmed that investigation done with the help of detectives cleared that the child was safe and sound in his dad’s custody.

Making a joke out of such serious issues is certainly not funny! What’s your take on the entire incident?