Son Fails To Pass Class X Exams, Father Celebrates The Moment With A Lavish Party

We all are familiar to parents celebrating our board examinations results in the grandest way possible. From buying us expensive gifts to throwing proud bashes, our parents have always appreciated our academic brilliance rightfully.

However, have you ever heard of parents glorifying their child’s failure? Well, if you have not, we have some serious piece of news for you.

In a bizarre incident in Madhya Pradesh, a dad threw an extravagant party after his son flunked int the class X examinations. Sorry, what?

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Surendra Kumar Vyas, the dad, is known to be a civil contractor and he took the weird step after the board examinations results were declared all over India on Monday.

To add to it, the party was no ordinary one. Firecrackers, sweets and shamiyana, all were a part of this odd celebration.

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Speaking about the same to TOI, Surendra Kumar highlighted that he took this step to motivate his child for the next year and prevent him from taking any wrong step.

“This is how I want to motivate my son. After failing in exams, children go into depression and some of them even take the extreme step of ending their lives. I want to tell such children that boards are not the last exams. There is much more to come in life. My son can reappear in the exam again next year.”

His son Ashu was all praises for his father and vowed to pass examination next year with better marks.

“I appreciate my father. I promise to study more in the next academic session to pass with excellent marks.”

Admit it. We all want parents like him? Don’t we?