ITBP Inspector Salutes His Daughter Who Became An Officer At Passing Out Ceremony

The bond between a father and a daughter is one of the most precious connections in the world. It is a moment of pride for every father to see their daughter succeed. Such a moment was captured beautifully at the Into-Tibetan Border Police’s (ITBP) passing out parade.

According to Times Now, the ITBP inducted its first woman officers in combat forces on Sunday including 53 Assistant Commandants. One of them was Diksha, whose father is Kamlesh Kumar – an inspector who is still serving with the ITPB.

Heartwarming pictures of Inspector Kamlesh Kumar and Diksha went viral where the father can be seen saluting his daughter.


“My father is my role model, he always motivated me,” Diksha said.

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Pictures of the proud moment were shared by ITBP’s Twitter account. Have a look at the tweet here:

People online were emotional after seeing the pictures. Many called it a “proud” moment for the father.

Aren’t father-daughter relationships just the best? 🙂

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