American Dad Places Dating Ad For 3 Single Sons In New Zealand Newspaper, Gets Massive Response!

We are pretty sure that when this dad placed a dating ad on the newspaper for his three single sons, he thought that nobody would take it seriously. But turns out women massively did!

The American father, Neil, decided to make the best out of their upcoming New Zealand trip with his family. So he posted the ad in the NZ Herald without their knowledge hoping to set them up on blind dates with eligible women while they were in the country for two weeks.

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But what started off as a joke attracted more than 600 responses from interested suitors.

His three “wonderful, successful, handsome, alas unmarried sons” – Benjamin, Jeremy, and Matthew were up for a run when they learned what their father had been up to!

Benjamin, the youngest, told the Daily Mail that the three brothers had turned red with embarrassment. They found out about the prank even before they departed their country. But they did get to meet some “intelligent, kind, and friendly” women.

Image source Benjamin (right), Jeremy (left), and Matthew (center)

The brothers did go out on a few one-on-one dates. In fact, they had a really good time! They revealed that the girls they met seemed nice but two weeks wasn’t a lot of time to fall in love.

However, Benjamin revealed – “Matthew actually met someone so hopefully that’s the start of something”.

Besides the romantic dates for the sons, the family even went for ‘family dates’ with families from New Zealand who responded to the ad.

“New Zealand has treated us extremely well – it’s a beautiful country with wonderful, kind people”, Neil told Daily Mail Australia.

We hope they find love in this hopeless place!