70-YO Father-In-Law Marries 28-YO Daughter-In-Law In UP After Son’s Death

Divorce and remarriage in India are still taboo and because of this societal stigma, several people end up living their lives alone, fearing judgment and insult. But some kids found the courage to fight this illogical and patriarchal mindset and got their widowed parents remarried for good.

While that step is regarded as one in the right direction, a father-in-law is being called out and shamed online for marrying his widowed daughter-in-law.

According to a report by Aaj Tak, a 70-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur recently married his 28-year-old daughter-in-law in a temple.

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Reports suggest that the wife of the elderly man, Kailash Yadav, died around 12 years ago. He had four kids with her. The couple had married their third son to a woman named Pooja. But sometimes back, the guy also died leaving this woman alone.

After their son’s death, Kailash Yadav, who is the chowkidar at Barhalganj police station, got their daughter-in-law married to another man. But soon after her wedding, she returned home as she didn’t like the family.

Now, the father-in-law who is 42 years elder than his daughter-in-law got married with mutual consent at a temple in the presence of the villagers.

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According to the station in charge, Barhalganj, they got to know about this unique wedding through social media and no official complaint has been made about the newly wedded couple.

People online are questioning the man’s intention to marry a girl so younger than him. What do you think of this wedding?

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