After His 9-Year Old Daughter Got Raped, This Father Carried Her 4 Kms For Treatment

Two years earlier, the country had mourned the death of Nirbhaya. India promised its women and its children justice against sexual assault. Lawmakers changed the laws to make them more harsh so that the victim could more easily get justice.

But sadly rapes are still under-reported everywhere.

A daily wage labourer in Jharkhand everyday walks for 4 km to the nearest hospital so that her minor daughter gets proper treatment. Few months back, her 9-year-old daughter was brutally raped by a local driver, leaving her intestines badly ruptured.

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Even though the girl managed to flee from the incident, her condition worsened and she was rushed to a nearby hospital in Jamshedpur for better treatment. After the doctors failed to stop her bleeding, she had to undergo a colectomy surgery and all parts of her colon were removed. Although the doctors in Ranchi stopped her bleeding, she carries a colostomy bag now.

While thousands of people are marching for reservation, this poor village doesn’t have proper transportation. Her father cannot afford a bicycle and so takes her daughter to the nearest health centre to change her dressing. The treatment is hampering their financial conditions as he cannot work on a regular basis anymore, but he believes his daughter’s health is his first priority now.

Showing no remorse, the father said,

“I am unable to go for work as this is a priority. We have exhausted whatever in the name of savings we had. Rather we are deep in debt now. God knows how many more days we will have to suffer like this. I wish a doctor could come to my home and dress the wounds of my daughter, but that’s a dream for us,”



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