Fashionable Teacher Trolled For Not Looking Like A ‘Conventional Teacher’, Responds To Haters

Every highschooler shall admit to crushing on their teacher at some point. Whether or not, teachers have their fashion ‘A’ game on point, it is quite natural for students to admire them. One South African teacher has been getting a spate of unwanted attention lately.

Lulu Menziwa’s pictures soon went viral for her charm, looks and impeccably chic dress code. But alas, the lady has been getting flak for not looking like a ‘conventional teacher’ and has had enough of the attention.

A Twitter user, Lufuno Mathoni was the first to tweet Lulu’s pics in a sexist post. The post tagged Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi with a shocking caption directed at the man. It suggested that Lulu’s outfits and appearance made it difficult for the school-kids to pass. Mathoni even questioned Menziwa’s employment by the department.

Take a look at the tweet-

The viral tweet garnered a storm of reactions on Twitter. While some agreed with Mathoni, others were outraged at the policing. Here are some of the reactions-

Several men spoke in support of the teacher as well.

Then, of course, there was a bit of jest.

Having had enough of the flak, Menziwa went live on Instagram to speak out. Here’s what she had to say-

“They are busy hiding behind their profiles, they are so ugly, so enjoy you, you must stop this what you’re doing. I know now I’m famous, everyone knows me, I’m all over the social networks, on radio stations they are talking about me.”

A Twitter user tweeted her video. See for yourself-

She even stated that the kids she teaches are not “perverted”. Furthermore, she pleads to be left alone-

“I’m sick and tired of you. Stop taking pictures [of me] that are trending on social media, stop screen grabbing and sending to me. Please read it for yourselves,” says Lulu.

Alas, she was trolled again. This time for her command over English.

Fortunately, Twitterati did stand up for her-

Teachers are human folks, just like the rest of us. Leave the gal be for her sense of style does not dictate her academic prowess!