10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs To Get Her 2018 Glam On Point

Dear girls, I understand the daily dilemma of coming out of the shower and staring into your cupboard, thinking “Argh! I have nothing to wear!” Don’t worry, if I had a dime for every time I thought that phrase to myself, I’d actually have enough money to have something to wear.

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But don’t you worry your pretty, little self, fashion agony aunty is here to save the day. I’ve got a rundown of style staples which will remain timeless and can take your basic look to basically bewitching!

1. Every day can’t be a good hair day, instead of hiding your tresses glam them up using floral or metallic hair accessories.

Voila, you can go from ordinary to #FashionInspo.

2. Be it an LBD or a midi dress, black can always save the day! Pair it with almost anything under the sun, and wear it for any occasion.

Your perfect fix to never looking overdressed or underdressed!

3. A black tote bag to the rescue when you just have enough time to dump things in and rush out of the door.

It’s simple and classic- what can go wrong!? No wardrobe is complete without a timeless tote and you can always jazz it up with chains and pins when you’re too tired of monochrome.

4. A cute, cropped denim jacket can not only keep you warm but also give your look that edgy oomph (and I personally, live for that hat ke style).

Bitten by the travel bug 🐾

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You can pair it with a mini dress for the day or a super chic high heeled look for the night. Your denim jacket’s always got your back (literally)!

5. Hoop earrings are the ideal touch to add when you want to shut all the haters with your patent hair flip.

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They’ll peak out for a second and you’ll glitter like the star you really are!

6. Nude pumps are the best friend you can always count on. They match with all your outfits and you instantly look like a million bucks!

Nude Pumps always WIN!

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Skipped your gym last week? Fret not, your heels are going to come to the rescue. They’ll make your calves look toned and you know what we simply cannot complain about it!

7. A black leather jacket can take any look from 0 to 100 in a jiffy! And trust me ladies, it’s worth the investment!

The default colour when you don’t know which way to go should be black! You can slip it on on top of your dress or pair it with blue jeans and a tank top, either way, it should definitely make its way into your cupboard this year (if it isn’t there already)!

8. Metallic Pleated skirt became the fad over the past year and personally, I can’t get enough. Maliaka Arora Khan leads the way.

I swear by glitter, sequin and anything remotely metallic. I mean you can put on this skirt and not have to worry about any other thing to wear, you’ll still be the centre of all the parties!

9. Striped culottes are sure to flaunt every body type. Wear them with style and panache and you’ll rock that casual-but-chic look!

These pants are going to make you feel like the mistress of on point yet comfy. Cropped or floor length culottes can just be paired with a basic tee and your #OOTD is sorted!

10. For that last perfect touch let’s add some statement jewellery, shall we?

Take any look from drab to fab with a signature neckpiece or handcuff. Even pairing it with the most mundane clothes will do because it’ll anyway stand out.

And ladies, those are the easiest tips and tricks to go full-on glam and don’t be surprised if they yell “DAYUM!” Have a stylish 2018, y’all!