Farmers Made Brilliant Use Of Solar Panels To Charge Phones During Their March To Mumbai

About 40,000 farmers began their silent march from Nashik to Mumbai, covered a distance of 180 km to make their voices heard. Their demands are simple – unconditional waiver of loans and electricity bills, as well as fulfilling the many promises made to them over the years.

Amidst all of this, what caught my eye was that several farmers were wearing unusual headgears. It looked like they were carrying tablets on their heads with wires attached to it.

Turns out, these farmers were using solar chargers to keep their phones charged on their long march to Mumbai. Not just that, they were sharing it with their peers and helping them to keep their phones on too.

It is so overwhelming to see them making such good use of solar power. After all, they spend their days out in the scorching heat, it is only understandable that they know the value of solar energy better than we do.

The farmers marched during the night to avoid traffic issues. They decided to reach Azad Maidan at 6 a.m to avoid causing any inconvenience to children going for their board exams.

These farmers using solar chargers only goes on to prove that they can be as much as or even better than us urban-middle class people when it comes to surviving the harshest of situations. Their struggle is not theirs alone, and we must all stand in solidarity with them in their fight this time.