Faridabad Stray Dog Finds New Home In UK After Surviving Massive Train Accident

Everybody deserves a second chance at life – humans and animals alike. A 3-year-old stray dog in Faridabad named Rocky did too!

According to TOI, on October 2019, Rocky met with a massive accident where it was hit by a train on a railway track in Ballabhgarh, leaving all her 4 legs severely injured. She would have almost bled to death but thankfully, an RPF constable named Chanderpal Tanwar found her and immediately sought help.

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Tanwar picked Rocky up and rushed her to an animal shelter run by People For Animals trust. The dog underwent an operation wherein both her forelegs were amputated. She struggled for her life for the next few months.

However, proper care and nursing helped Rocky recover soon. She started to walk with the help of prosthetic legs. Soon, she could easily move around, eat from a bowl, and play!

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People For Animals had made a video of Rocky’s recovery, highlighting how several animals fall victims to such accidents regularly. The video soon went viral online and a family living in Cotswolds, England, expressed their desire to adopt the pupper, reports Pune Mirror.

Rocky is now all set to fly to the UK to her new home! All formalities have been cleared, including a rabies test and a clearance from UK’s animal department. She will be boarding a flight on November 18.

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We hope Rocky gets the fresh start at life she deserves and is happy with her new family!

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