Farida Jalal Sings ‘Kar Gayi Chull,’ Stumps Hina Khan By Being Up To Date With New Songs!

You know how our grandparents are all about ‘purane zamaane mein toh…” They love fondly reminiscing about their good old times! In fact, I’ve often been called by my grandfather while he is watching this show about old Bollywood songs hosted by Annu Kapoor, and told how the music back then was so much more beautiful than what we hear now. And sometimes, when i heard the the music of greats like O P Nayyar, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Pancham Da and others, I’d secretly agree! Those songs were memorable!

Now my grandpa wasn’t too fond of the current Bollywood music, but that doesn’t mean all oldies are like that! Some of them actually enjoy the dhinchak music we have today!

One of these modern old-schoolers is veteran actress Farida Jalal!

For the young guns who don’t know about her filmography, she is IN those purane zamane wala gaane that our grandparents keep talking about!

Recently, Farida ji has been shooting for a Bollywood film with TV’s Komolika 2.0, Hina Khan. And Hina has been sharing fun BTS moments between them on Instagram!

This is Hina’s Bollywood debut, and Farida ji plays her grandmother in the movie. Check out this cute selfie she shared, while saying sweet things about her costar in the caption.

But here’s something more adorable!

Hina shared this endearing video of her and Farida Jalal singing songs. But here’s the catch! While Hina sang an old Bollywood song from the B/W era, Farida ji stumped her by crooning a new Bollywood dance number!

Hina was singing a song from the 1967 Rajshri Productions’ film Taqdeer, starring Farida Jalal herself. The song was picturised on actor Bharart Bhushan, song by the Mohammad Rafi, with music by duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

As for the song Farida ji was singing, you’ll probably know which one it was. But just in case, it’s ‘Kar Gayi Chull’ from Kapoor & Sons, starring Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan and Aliaa Bhatt!

Now isn’t that the cutest role reversal? Maybe Hina was trying to impress Farida Jalal by singing an old song from her movie. But in turn, she got a surprise when Faridaji was all up to date with the new!