“Not All Outsiders Are Treated Poorly,” Says Farhan Akhtar On Nepotism & Movie Mafia

Nepotism, a word that we’ve frequently heard since SSR’s death, holds great significance to different people in the industry. For some, it is the bitter truth that hampered with their careers for others it might seem like a convenient way to target the big shots of the fraternity.

So the question arises – does the film industry treat ‘outsiders’ poorly while star kids have certain privileges? In a recent interview, Farhan Akhtar answered the question saying he doesn’t believe in this carpet statement. He said that the industry functions purely on the basis of success and failure.

He was quoted saying, “Is there a privilege for people who’re born in the film industry? Absolutely. Will it be easier for them to gain access, to pitch a script to someone or offer their services as an actor? 100 percent, there’s no denying that. Does that mean that it’s a bad thing? No, its the lot of the draw. Your parents have worked incredibly hard to give you a headstart as any parent would like to give their kids. But are all outsiders treated badly, that’s not true.  Are all industry insiders clannish, that’s not true either.”

According to the actor, while star kids do have a headstart, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be empathetic towards others’ struggles. Farhan mentions that like any other fraternity, certain circles of friends are formed in Bollywood too. Elaborating on the concept of movie mafia he said,

“I’ve actually ended up becoming friends with people who have been good to me since the beginning of my career. As a producer and a director, I will always try to reach out to them and help them in whichever way I can. But I may not have had the same experience as everybody else, so I don’t know and it is not possible for me to tell you there’s no such thing. But, and this I’ve seen since forever, people flock to people who are successful. Good or bad, that can be discussed, but fortunately or unfortunately, this is the truth. When people are successful everyone is around them, when not, it’s only their closest friends who stick around.”

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Farhan’s production venture, the Zoya Akhtar-directed Gully Boy landed in controversy for bagging several awards. After the film became India’s official entry to the Oscars, people speculated it was a result of lobbying, reports India Today. Clearing the air Farhan said, “If anyone thinks that Zoya, Ritesh (Sidhwani) or I have that kind of influence to decide which will be the Best Foreign Language entry to the Oscars, then you’re giving us a lot of credit that we don’t deserve. It’s the decision of the film federation. Of course, I’m happy that my film was picked. Should I feel guilty? No.”

While speaking about SSR’s untimely death, Farhan said that we shouldn’t make speculations. Instead, he feels that people should be more empathetic about his family’s loss. Well, while being born in a star family does come with its privileges, there is certainly no shortcut to success. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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