Farah Khan Ali Schools NCB Regarding Aryan’s WhatsApp Chats, Desis React With Memes

At the time of Aryan Khan’s bail plea hearing in the sessions court, the NCB had been probing the youngster’s WhatsApp chats. TOI reports that the goal was to ascertain whether Aryan was a regular consumer or involved in an international drugs racket.


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Defending his client, Aryan’s lawyer, advocate Amit Desai said that the millennial lingo in the chats have been misunderstood.

Bar and Bench reports him saying, “This youth of today they have a different way of expressing themselves, which may seem like torture to us older generation. The language (used by them) may seems like something different then what ought to be in court of law. And those conversations may lead to suspicion, as it should.”

Seconding his argument, Farah Khan Ali tweeted a comprehensive guide to introduce the Narcotics Control Bureau to millennial language.

While many celebrities continue to speak out in support of the young Khan; people online had different views. Some vowed to boycott SRK’s movies, while others shared memes about Aryan using a particular hashtag. Take a look-

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