14 Famous People Who Did Awful Things In Their Life

A man and his work are completely different.

But that is not the case in real life where we usually judge these great people just by their work. That is partly because we do not know them personally and all the press coverage that they get is mostly paparazzi, which is usually ignored.

That is why it somehow becomes shocking when a legend you worshipped all your life is accused of statutory rape or pedophilia.

1. Elvis Presley loved underage virgin girls

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Elvis Presley dated and married Priscilla, his first wife when she was just 14. He loved dating virgin teenagers because he was apparently very insecure about his lovemaking skills in the bed.

And since virgin teens have no experience in sex at all, Elvis was in the safe!

He was a pedophile, though.

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2. And apparently so did the legendary Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin was a class A womanizer and had admitted to sleeping with over 2000 women. Nothing wrong with that. What really stinks is that he dated a 15-year-old girl and she became pregnant. Scared that he might be arrested, he married her. This woman – Lita Grey later filed a case in court that said that Charlie Chaplin tried to make her do unspeakable acts of sex in the bedroom.

And that is not all. He dated dozens of underage teens who were infatuated with him. He cast them in his movies, romanced them and moved on. Many of them were underage.

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3. Winston Churchill was racist and agreed that gassing people is justified

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He once admitted that nothing wrong was done when the Red Indians of North America and the Aborigines of Australia were wiped out due to colonizations. He believed that a superior race had done good work and taught these “low” races the meaning of civilization.

And for people who look at Hitler in disgust for gassing Jews, our beloved Winston believed in gassing too. He believed that the “uncivilized tribes” should be gassed.

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4. Steve Jobs cheated Steve Wozniak early in their partnership

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Steve Jobs took a contract from Atari to build a game called Breakout. The trick here was that Atari wanted a console with fewer IC chips than the ones that existed in the market at the time.

Steve Jobs knew the man for the job – Steve Wozniak. Steve Wozniak worked day and night for four days and brought the design down to just 42 chips as compared to the 150 chip design in the market.

Steve Jobs gave Wozniak $350, claiming that they were paid $700 dollars.

In reality, Jobs was given a whopping $5000. Wozniak admitted to crying after this episode of cheating by Jobs.

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5. Two-time Academy Award Winner Sean Penn assaulted his wife Madonna for 9 hours at a stretch

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Madonna had shown up at a police station after Sean Penn beat her up with a baseball bat. He has also threatened to shave all her hair off.

One day he tied the pop star to a chair with electric cables and continuously abused her for 9 hours. He only stopped when Madonna agreed to perform a sexual act on him. That is when she escaped and later they got divorced for good.

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6. Laura Bush, the wife of George Bush Killed a guy without consequences

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Laura Bush the former first lady of the USA was involved in a road accident when she was a teenager. Mike Douglas was her classmate and was driving the other car and died immediately on the spot during the car crash.

Laura Bush was Laura Welch back then and was a daughter of a wealthy Texan businessman.

No case was filed and she walked Scott-free.

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7. Eric Clapton wanted Britain to be as white as possible

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During a gig in 1976, Eric Clapton was more than a bit drunk and like all drunk people he spoke a bit too much of his mind.

In his rant, he appealed to the crowds to keep all the blacks out of the country so that England does not become a black country. Then he proceeded to scream the slogan – “Keep Britain White!”


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8. Charles Dickens was a total asshole to his wife because she got fat

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Charles Dickens is known to be one of the most influential writers of all time. He was also a real asshole to his wife Catherine Dickens. She bore 10 of his children and went through the horror of two miscarriages. And in the then after all the stress, she got plump(read fat) and Mr. Dickens left her for another younger woman.

The “young” woman was a teen named Elen Ternan, and Charles Dickens kept the affair well under wraps. Ellen was 18, only slightly older than Dickens’ eldest daughter.

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9. Roald Dahl hated the Jews and felt that the Nazis were right in choosing them for extermination

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The man who inspired J K Rowling to write children’s books, openly admitted of being anti-semitic – just like the Nazis.

In his writings and speeches, he always spoke badly of Jews and Jewish institutions. After he was questioned for his statements he said the following –

“a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke a certain animosity… even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason.”

This, coming from the man who gave us Willy Wonka and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Way to go.

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10. And so did Henry Ford

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Henry Ford commercialized the first automobile and made the assembly line to make cars efficient. He also blamed the Jews for causing all the wars and believed that the Jews were infecting America.

His views got so much widespread audience that even Hitler took note, and the Nazi regime ended up in awarding Mr. Ford with “Grand Cross of the German Eagle.” award.

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11. Jay-Z almost killed a man once

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While most people see Jay-Z as the epitome of a family man today, he went through the same dull routine every black rapper in America goes through – a skirmish with a producer or a fellow rapper and then charges of murder and battery and physical assault.

Jay-Z stabbed a producer and was sentenced to 15 years of jail time after he pleaded guilty. If the sentence would have been followed through he would not have been one of the greatest rappers of all time. He settled the matter out of court and walked free.

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12. John Lennon beat his wife regularly

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John Lennon, for all his appeals for peace on Earth, was a violent man inside the confines of his house. He beat his wife regularly citing that “he could not express himself”. He also kept her away from the things she loved and openly admitted that he was a hitter of women.

He is also accused of never being loving by his own son.

Another fun fact – John Lennon mocked the disabled people.

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13. Mark Wahlberg was a racist who brutally assaulted people on the streets

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Beloved actor Mark Wahlberg was very violent during his teenage years. He was addicted to cocaine by the time he was just 13 and moved around in gangs harassing black kids in his neighborhood. During the Vietnam war, he walked up to an Asian guy and assaulted him brutally, leaving him blind in one eye.

In his youth, Mr. Wahlberg was arrested almost 25 times by the Boston Police Department.

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14. Jimmy Page Of Led Zeppelin dated a 14-year-old girl

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Lori Maddox was just 14 when she started to have an affair with the legendary Jimmy Page. They had an affair for three years before Jimmy dumped her for another girl called Bebe Buell. Bebe Buell went on to have a child with Steve Tyler to give us the lovely Liv Tyler.

Oh, and Jimmy Page also worshiped the devil.

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We were too.

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