In A Ultimate Revenge Story, This Family Made A Local Pizza Hut Go Out Of Business!

“Hello Star Fisheries? Deviprasad, woh meri machhliyon ka kya hua?” If this dialogue from Hera Pheri rang a bell (quite literally a phone bell!) because you loved the movie a lot, you’re going to love this one! This is the story of how a family who was continuously being harassed because of a phone number mixup with their local Pizza Hut served a whole pie of revenge back!

Reddit user MundaneSeesaw shared the whole greasy tale on Reddit and it’s one delicious story!

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TL;DR: The family and their local Pizza Hut had similar phone numbers, resulting in a lot of harassment from pizza lovers trying to place orders stoned/drunk. It got worse when the Pizza Hut placed ads in newspapers, billboards and in the phonebook, where instead of the different last digits, it erroneously printed the family’s number against their name. Naturally the calls got worse.

What’s more, when the father tried calling the store to ask them to spend a mere $10 and resolve the problem, the manger got rude. And so a revenge plan was hatched!

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The dad and his daughters began taking the calls and pretending to be Pizza Hut, messing with the customers and eventually transferring some very angry calls to the actual Pizza Hut!

The result? The Pizza Hut lost a lot of their business and was forced to shut down!

Strap in boys/girls this ones a doozy: We don’t sell pizza, because you have the wrong number. from IDontWorkHereLady

Oooooh boy! That was nuts! A situation that could’ve been solved by simply buying the number that the family was willingly offering got escalated to such a level!

Think of all the angry customers and the employees of the store that lost their jobs because of one store manager’s ego and one corporation’s obliviousness!

The revenge bit, however, was baked to perfection and Redditors loved every slice of it!

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and cold pizza does taste divine so there ya go!

Somebody make a movie about this!

We even have a title!

Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ye family-ich bhagwan hai!

People even had these alternate revenge ideas!

Should’ve just started their own pizza place!

Many couldn’t help but agree that the rude store manager totally deserved what happened to him.

This thread of replies where everyone’s being so deviously happy!

This is a family of badasses!

So now you know, from both Hera Pheri and this above incident, that you better make those wrong numbers right, or it’s gonna cost ya!

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