People Are Falling All Over The Place For This New Internet Challenge

falling stars

The internet is weird. There’s no question about that. When on one hand it is the smartest, most efficient resource available to mankind, on the other, it also comes up with lame challenges for no reason whatsoever. Honestly, I’ve lost track of the number of challenges that popped up this year alone. I’m just glad that the #KikiChallenge has FINALLY died down tbh!

Now, apparently, there’s a new one that’s keeping people busy: The #FallingStarsChallenge. And just like the name suggests, it involves falling.

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Ummm… yeah. The crux of the challenge seems to be posing as if you’d just fallen down, dropping a bunch of things in the process.


And more often than not, the challenge is a way to show off fancy possessions.

According to reports, the challenge is said to have originated in Russia where super-rich youngsters have taken a particular liking towards it.

People are falling from escalators, cars, vans, yachts and whatnot:

1. Here to deliv… Ahhh!


2. Oops, my yacht tripped me.

3. Oh, mine too!

4. See, this is what happens when you juggle too many balls at once.

5. One too many drinks? Nah, it’s just the new challenge!

6. Okay, this one’s kind of cool.

7. When you’re tired after an entire day of shopping.

8. You when you realise you’ve prepared for the wrong exam.

9. Me. Legit me. But with fries instead of veggies.

10. Scratch that. This is me.

11. Every young mom out there at some point.

12. Don’t mind me. Just casually falling out of a helicopter.

13. And the kids are into it too.

14. Oh, they start really young, don’t they?

14. Talk about having your priorities sorted.

15. Awww…

16. Bookworms will know this feeling.

17. When even caffeine can’t help you anymore.

18. Now, THAT is a pretty impressive wedding photo!

Thankfully, nobody seems to be getting hurt in the process of taking part an internet challenge for once.

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