People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized They Were In Love With Their Partners

There are many different ways to define love. The ways in which we fall in love are also varied. Sometimes, it is at first sight while at others, we gradually grow into it. Sometimes, it catches us off-guard, coming when we’re least expecting it, and surprises us with its force.

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Recently, people from across the world talked about the ‘aha moment’ when they realized they loved their partners and it makes for a very heartwarming read.

What was the ‘moment’ you knew you loved/fell in love with someone? from AskReddit

1.The thought of losing that special someone

2. Kindness to animals

3. Accepting you as you are

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4. Care and concern

5. The feeling of happiness

6. When it is painful to not be with them

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Have you ever been in love? When did you know it? Tell us.

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