20 Y0 Fake IPS Officer Invited As Chief Guest To Events, Wined & Dined For Free, Gets Arrested In Delhi


Through all my childhood years obsessing over Bunty Aur Babli, I never really thought one could actually grow to become a con man/woman. The idea of creating a fake personality with fabricated proof just seemed too much work. But one famous social media sensation successfully conned his way into making people believe that he is an IPS officer!

A 20-year-old fake IPS officer was recently arrested by Special Operations Group in Delhi. The guy, Abhay Meena, posed as a high ranking officer with fake ID and credentials, and was a motivational speaker and a sensation of sorts!

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According to sources, Meena (who in reality failed class 12) claimed to have cracked the IIT and UPSC exams in his first attempt, making his way through IIT Delhi and later on becoming an IPS officer, all at the age of 20.

Since people were inspired by how one could become an IPS officer at such a young age, they invited him to give motivational speeches. He was invited as the chief guest for various fashion shows, pep talks, and parties where he would give inspiring tips on how to crack difficult exams. At some of these events, he met police officers and lauded them for their work, and ironically, the police saluted him too! He even awarded them medals and certificates.

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How did he get caught? A person got suspicious when Meena showed his police card in which crime branch was spelt as “branche” and capital as “capitol”. The SOG arrested him from his apartment in Jagatpura area. He even tried to intimidate them by boasting of his influence but in vain.

Reports revealed that Meena drove around the city in a car which had a 3-star police plate affixed on the bumper.

“In police hierarchy, a three-star cop is either a DG or Additional DG (ADG) rank official. Therefore, such an honour is only reserved for senior officials, not for a 20-year-old new entrant into the service”, said an official.

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The police revealed that Meena stayed at and dined at expensive hotels and rarely paid, showing off his ID. He even extorted money from people claiming to help them in legal cases. He is now handed over to Pratap Nagar Police Station.

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Posing as an IPS officer and being lauded for fake speeches is a great disrespect to genuine officers who go the extra mile every day. It is simply not acceptable!

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