People Who Failed Back In School, College Share Stories Of Turning Their Lives Around

Failures don’t define us. But, everyone feels lost, depressed, and at their worst the first time they fail in life. Be it in school or college, some have repeated a year or two and I’m sure it wasn’t the best time of their lives.

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This Reddit user is also probably going through a rough patch and looking for motivation and support from people online. Therefore, he asked desis on the app how they were able to cope up with the situation when they failed in college.

People who failed a year or more in college, how did you cope? from india

And without disappointing him, a lot of people online flooded his post with their real-life stories. Most of them wrote how despite failing in school, they are doing great in life today.

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“You can always start picking up.”

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Failures make you strong.

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Trust them, you’ll be fine.

Just got reminded of the single released by ‘Swedish House Mafia’ that goes like, “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child, see heaven’s got a plan for you.”

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