Twitter Explodes With Memes After WhatsApp, FB & Instagram Face Global Outage

At around 10:55 PM in India last night, the 3 most popular social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp faced an outage and stopped working simultaneously.

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As per a report in News18, the cause of the outage is yet to be deciphered, but many users across the world reported having faced issues with their Whatsapp and Instagram apps as they were unable to post or send messages.

And when these modes of communication were not working for several people, they resorted to memes, as usual.

1. People (including me) wondering whether their phones have crashed

2. Confused souls turning to Twitter to understand what has happened

3. Other app users including the official PayTm handle taking a dig at the situation

As of now, the services have appeared to be restored. Here are the tweets from the official Twitter handles of Whatsapp and Instagram post the disruption:

This isn’t the first time WhatsApp and Instagram faced such issues. Last month, even the National Stock Exchange shut down over a technical glitch.

Did you face any issues with your apps last night? Tell us.

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