12 Silly Things People Do To Spy On Their Exes


Doesn’t matter if people were dumped or they dumped their ex, what is important is to keep a tab on them. Everyone’s interested to know how their exs are doing in their life. People stalk or keep a tab on their exs either out of their leftover love or just for fun sake. Thanks to technology it is easier to keep a tab on their updates and some people can go to funny extents. Here is what people do to stalk their ex’s whereabouts.

1. Create a fake account on Facebook…

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…or guess the combination of their password, two of the best ways to keep a tab on what is up with their lives.

2. Get a new number just so they can see their WhatsApp photo and status

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Coz, the old number is blocked.

3. Indirectly ask all the possible mutual friends about them

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Are they happy… without me?

4. Take tours around their house

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In the hope of getting a glimpse.

5. Fake drunk calls

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Every once in a while fake a drunk call.

6. Ask your best friends to become good friends with them

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This will give you inside information about them.

7. “Accidentally” text them

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My dog was playing with my phone, sorry.

8. Call them by “mistake”

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Something’s wrong with my phone, I don’t know how you got that call?!?!

9. Check their Instagram account regularly

Image source

Ooo… Party photos, looks like they’re happy in their life.

10. Check for their latest tweet every once in a while

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How many hours or days ago did they tweet last?

11. Suddenly become good friends with their friends

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Only and ONLY, because you want to know about them.

12. Keep in touch with their family

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This will keep their impression in check and give them the information about their ex.

Unless you’ve hired Russian hackers to break into your exs online accounts, all’s well. Afterall, chota mota spying to chalta hai. 🙂

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