12 Exercises For Your Eyes Because They Need Work Out Too



Those two beautiful complex globs in your skull that allow you to see and probably the organ which is used the most in your waking hours. The word waking itself signifies the opening of your eyes.

Here are a few exercises to keep your eyes healthy and keep improving your vision for a lifetime of sight.

1. Focusing near and far

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Near far, wherever you are.


How to – Decide a point close to yourself on the floor and a point as far away as a few feet. Now look at the point closer to your body for 10 seconds then look at the far away point for 10 seconds. Do this 8-10 times.


2. Zoom in and out

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Making your vision better goofily.


How to – Pick a pen/pencil or better yet use your finger to navigate your eyes from the tip of your nose to as far as your arm stretches. Repeat this slowly 5-6 times.


3. Writing with your eyes

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Drawing your masterpieces.

How to – Fix a space on the floor or a notebook and make the figure of 8 there choosing the direction you want to go first in. Do it 8-10 times and then change the direction of the drawing.


4. Bar swings

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The near and far of it.

How to – Stand in front of a fence or a barred window, basically anything that is equally distanced from each other and stand on your left foot and focus on a point beyond the fence. Now hop on to the other foot and look at the fence. Repeat this a few times.


5. Hot and cold compress

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Temperature treatment.

How to – Take two bowls of hot and cold water separately and dip a piece of cloth or cotton in both respectively and put them on your eyes. Wait for a few seconds, then dip again and this time exchange the eye. Repeat this 8-10 times.


6. Up and Down

Image source

A vertical pendulum.

How to – Look up and down without moving your head a few times over the span of 10-20 seconds.


7. Side to side

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Peripheral vision level-max.

How to – Look side to side as far as you can, with your eyes wide open for a span of 10-20 seconds.


8. Shut-eye technique

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Sometimes crazy is not so crazy after all!

How to – Open your as wide as you can and they shut them together quickly and tight. Repeat this for a few times, preferably 5-6 times.


9. Closed eye roll

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The obnoxious eye roll can actually make your eyes healthier.

How to – Sit in a peaceful environment and close your eyes. Imagine your face is a clock and your nose is the center. Look up to the number 12 on the top of our head and move your eyes clockwise. Then move them anticlockwise. Repeat this several times.


10. One eye at a time

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Exercising your eyes one at a time.

How to – Put your palm on one eye and then focus on a point on the wall. Repeat the same with the other eye.


11. Two thumbs up

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It’s easy and it’s relaxing. What more?

How to – Sit quietly with your legs stretched in front of you and your palms on your knees. Now fist your hands with your thumbs pointing upwards. Bring both your hands up and look at them one thumb at a time.


12. Fluttering eyes

Image source

It’s not just a Bollywood flirting move, but an excellent exercise for your eyes too.

How to –   Focus on a point on the wall and flutter your eyelids a large number of times for 5-10 seconds. Then give rest to your eyes for a few and then repeat it 3-4 times.

Be healthy. Be awesome. 🙂

Cover Image has been taken from an eye exercise tutorial by Angelmissme.

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