10 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends This Sunday


In your ever-so-hectic life it is of utmost importance to take a healthy break and relax, Sunday is one such perfect holiday when you can simply lay back, engage in some fun activities and rejuvenate. We have come up with 10 fun ideas that will make for a perfect Sunday break, and prepare you for a long week ahead.

So call up your friends and take this Sunday challenge. Trust me, you won’t regret it ever.

9 AM – Wake up, eat something & sweat it out with an outdoor game like volleyball, football or cricket with your friends

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Soak in all the vitamin D, and the upside is that your body gets enough workout to enjoy a delicious lunch without worrying about the weight.


10 AM – Visit the nearest nursery, buy saplings, grab pots, return home and sow some seeds together

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This will automatically make you responsible towards the plant and help you feel positive from within.


11 AM –  Switch off your cell phone, WiFi and simply go offline for the day

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Plan out a brunch with your friends.


12 PM – Go out for a brunch to a new restaurant in town, try new cuisines

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Relax, talk to your friends and get to know more about what is happening in their life.


1:30 PM – After a tasty meal, return home. Open all your old bags, dig into your closet & find out clothes you don’t need anymore. Distribute it among the needy in your locality

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It’s winter and there is no better way of charity than to give away warm clothes to people in need.


3 PM – Do something creative. Print all your favorite photos from your recent trip and make an album. Or scan your childhood pics and preserve them for eternity

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Send the albums to your parents and surprise them.


4 PM – Build a kite with your friends

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Making a kite is easy, refer to a kite making video and get a customized kite of your own. Enjoy the afternoon, bid your friends goodbye for the day.


5:30 PM – Now that you’re alone, write an email to your future self. Sounds interesting? It’s possible.

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Best place to write that letter is on futureme. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to read that email 5 years or 10 years down the line?


6:30 PM – Find a pet shop, adopt a cute little pet. Maybe just two goldfish?

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A guinea pig, hamster, fish pot or also maybe a dog? Who says money can’t buy happiness!


8 PM – Turn on your TV, order a pizza & watch the live telecast of Miss World 2014 on Zee Cafe

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What better way to end an eventful day than to sit back, relax and root for India at an international live event!

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.” ~Jim Rohn

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