10 Beautifully Simple Things You Forget To Enjoy In Your City

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”- Napolean Hill.

We’re so preoccupied with our daily lives that we often crave for a vacation far away from the city we live in, missing the opportunity to embrace, explore and unwind in the same city. You don’t need a vacation; just a weekend is enough to discover the beauty of your own city.

1. See and experience the things that tourists visit your city for

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2. Act like a local

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Leave your swanky car at home for a day and take the bus or local train for a day.


3. If you’re not a local, try to pick up the local language

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Sure, telling people that you know French sounds a lot better, but help you connect to your city less.


4. Get yourself involved in a local festival

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You ever wonder why the locals, are so excited about their festival? Then it’s time you joined them.


5. Fall off the routine every once in a while

Enjoying and taking time off need not be restricted to holidays.


6. For once roam the city without depending on technology

Go offline.


7. All the peace you need can be sought from spending an hour at a park near you

Instead of that holiday you could never plan out.


8. Visit the bookstore, antique store or even a food/wine tasting event

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9. Go to a concert, an art exhibition, local museum or a standup comedy gig to see how the locals appreciate art

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They might have a viewpoint that might intrigue and educate you.


10. In the end, start discovering.

Once you get comfortable in your niche you forget the habit of discovering – be it midnight food joint or the one place that looks like Kashmir in your city when the weather is clear.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.” ~Marcel Proust

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