Not Watches Or Jewellery, People List Expensive Things That Are Totally Worth The Money

Every once in a while, all of us like to splurge on costly products. Sometimes it is to feel good (like a relaxing spa or hair treatment) and at other times it is to look good (an expensive dress or jewellery). But the best kind of expensive purchases are those that solve our everyday problems and provide value equal to (or greater than) their cost.

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What’s that expensive item that’s 100% worth it? from AskReddit

For some, that’s an ergonomic work-from-home chair or a cozy couch in their home.

For others, that’s mattresses, blankets, pillows etc that aid peaceful slumber.

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Speakers, headphones, gaming PCs.

And kitchenware.

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Buying something costly only to regret it later is the absolute worst. If you’re planning a splurge in the near future, this list is a pretty good start to avoid any remorse.

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