A Pink Plastic ‘Baalti’ Is Being Sold Online For ₹25,999 & It’s Out Of Stock!

Among the many expensive things by acclaimed designers that got us like WTH, this one comes across as the weirdest. We reported about Balenciaga selling dirty-looking sneakers worth Rs 48,000. We also came across ‘Folding Chair Bag’ that costs Rs 66,000.

But who could have thought our humble, plastic bucket that hardly gets any attention in this ‘shower’ equipped world could cost a whooping……..! Read more to find out.

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While scrolling through Twitter, we saw a distressed user who was panicking on unearthing that a plain pink plastic bucket could come for Rs 25, 999 that too after a 28% discount. The original price of the bucket was quoted as Rs 35, 900.

When Vivek Raju posted the screengrab of the product, there was still one bucket left. But currently the ‘Plastic Bucket for Home and Bathroom Set of 1′ is out of stock. Now you know why the user was fretting so much.

The bucket was given 1 star with only one review by a person who thinks that it’s very very cheap and should have been priced at Rs 99,999. Sarcasm on point though!

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This expensive baalti got Twitter talking.

Maybe it serves some other purpose.

Someone tried to put logic to this pricing.

Also, Amazon should stop suggesting things to people.

I am definitely showing this to my househelp and telling her, ‘agli baar agar baalti todi toh tu ye leke dena mujhey.’ LOL!

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