9 Expectation vs Reality Situations Of Being Single

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Everyone brags about how wonderful the single life is, when they’re living it. But, how much of it really holds true? With popular culture ruling our lives, people start expecting to be a certain way after they’ve broken up with someone, but most of the time something else ends up happening.

Following are the expectation vs reality situations for someone who is single.

1. When you have broken up with someone recently

Expectation: You’ll be a ‘khulla saand’ and do all the things you didn’t do when you were in a relationship
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Reality: Cry
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2. Watching other couples indulging in PDA

Expectation: You laugh at them, make fun of them, and generally make them uncomfortable
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Reality: You’re literally the only one feeling uncomfortable, because the couple doesn’t care you’re around


3. Enjoying singledom

Expectation: You and all your single best buddies going out, partying, and enjoying every minute of being single, together
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Reality: Sitting at home and binge watching series and eating all the food you possibly can
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4. Watching romantic comedies

Expectation: Being all commitment phobic and going, ‘this is bullshit’ during every romantic scene there is
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Reality: Saying all those things but secretly wishing someone would do those things for you
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5. Valentines Day

Expectation: You’re confident about celebrating it with your single friends, family, or even your dog, and you don’t want to be tied down with societal norms
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Reality: Social media, TV, and everyone else around you overpowers your beliefs, and you end up feeling depressed
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6. Having the freedom to flirt with whoever you want

Expectation: Walking in like a boss and turn on your charm, taking complete advantage of your singlehood
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Reality: Wondering how on Earth you can ever have a relationship with such bad flirting skills
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7. Consoling friends when they break up with someone

Expectation: Actually consoling them, but feeling glad inside that you’re not the one facing any of it
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Reality: Consoling them, but feeling like you finally have your friend all to yourself now, without their significant other
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8. Remembering anniversary dates

Expectation: The day of your break up/anniversary/ex’s birthday will pass like a normal day, because now it doesn’t matter
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Reality: Even though you’ve moved on, you’ll constantly be thinking about the day in terms of that occasion
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9. Falling in love

Expectation: You’ll be extremely choosy about who to date next, and they should be everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be- perfect
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Reality: You’ll fall in love with someone you hadn’t in your wildest dreams imagined, and they will be imperfect. But, they’ll be perfect for you
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Basically, wherever you are in terms of your personal life, it’s only a matter of time till you’re ready to be with someone, or be entirely comfortable staying put. So, no matter what your relationship status, it’s all about enjoying it to the fullest. ūüėÄ

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