Man Puts On 15 Shirts To Avoid Excess Baggage Fees & We’re Wondering If He’s Secretly A Desi

People living in various countries are very, very different from each other. They eat different cuisines, speak different languages and think differently too. But there are some things that are universal. They’re the same no matter where you go. For example, the love for cute doggos with heart-shaped noses, the disappointment of rained out sports matches, the excitement of participating in viral Twitter challenges (we’re looking at you #BottleCapChallenge) and the exasperation that comes with working Saturdays.

Do you know what else almost everyone hates? Paying excess baggage charges at the airport! All of us just handle it a bit differently. Some of us just accept our fate and pay up, while others like Twitter user @joshirvine7’s father take a more creative route.

When airline staff informed him that his luggage was too heavy, he took out 15 shirts and started wearing them one by one. He would rather bear the sweltering heat and discomfort of donning multiple layers of clothing than agree to the extra charges.ย He’s not alone though, because the post was so relatable that it garnered over 36,000 likes and 4,500 retweets.

Twitter couldn’t stop LOL-ing and some even wondered if he was an Indian at heart!

What do you guys feel about extra baggage charges? Do you hate it or do you HATE it? Tell us!