TN Man Offers Kids Who Failed Class 10 Exams A Stay In Kodaikanal For Free To ‘Relax’

Kids who appear for class 10 and 12 board exams are under tremendous pressure. Even if they score less than what is expected of them, let alone failing, they are often ridiculed by their families, teachers, and friends.

Hence, to provide moral support to class 10 kids who failed their SSLC board exams, an entrepreneur in Tamil Nadu is offering his homestays in Kodaikanal for them to visit and destress.

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According to TNIE, Sudheesh K, who is settled in the Tamil Nadu hill station Kodaikanal, owns several homestays and properties. He says that while there are several students who celebrate their exceptional results after boards, there are also those whose results aren’t up to the mark.

“Ever since the Class 10 results were announced, there has been a lot of victory sharing in social circles. What we often do not see is the other side of this. There is a segment that is being ostracised and ridiculed for having failed. So, I thought of offering something in my capacity to help them deal with the crisis,” he said.

Hence, on social media, he announced that kids who failed their SSLC examinations can come and live in any of his properties in Kodaikanal for 2 days along with their families. All they have to do is show their certificate as proof.

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“The place is silent and away from all craziness. It is the ideal place to get away from all stress and get refreshed. It isn’t like old times, during my school days. Then, a failure would be taken in its stride. Now, students are under tremendous pressure. And passing the tenth standard is a matter of prestige for the family. A little bit of time away from this stress can work wonders for the kids and their parents,” Sudheesh said.

Only those who visit with their families will be allowed to stay in his properties. Friends of students won’t be allowed.

“I have been getting calls from students asking me if they could come alone or with friends. These are very young kids and so we will only let them in only if they are with their families,” he said.

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What a kind-hearted initiative this is!

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