Karnataka Student Writes Chicken Sambar Recipe In Exam… And The Examiner Pays For It

With so many students appearing for, and clearing the 10th and 12th standard exams, you would think that more and more people are getting educated; But that is not the case. While most students worry about completing their paper on time, a few other students were busy testing the examiner’s patience.

Instead of making up answers, one student was busy concocting recipes in the recently concluded tenth standard examination, writing down the recipe for Chicken Sambar. “On Sunday, I tried making chicken sambar at home. To start with, I had to chop it into pieces, then add it with masala and crush it with onion in a mixer grinder.”

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Another student wrote, “If you fail me in exams, then I shall perform black magic on your family so that all of you die! I will hang myself in the exam if you don’t pass me in Math as I am weakest in this subject.”

The examiner shared a photo of the answer script- which went viral on whatsapp. He expressed his helplessness in evaluating such answers and expressed distress over the condition of ‘today’s teens’. For the first time in the history of Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB), officials have filed a police complaint to track down the ‘anonymous’ examiner.

The Class 10 examiners had asked officials to track down the students who had written the answers. However, the students couldn’t be traced.

This is what KSEEB director Yashoda Bopanna had to say about the matter: “We have filed complaints at two police stations in Hospet. We have also shared the phone numbers of the examiners with the police so that they can investigate and find out who leaked it.”

According to Veeranna Jatti, who is the Ballari deputy director of public instruction, SSLC exams are supposed to be confidential, and leaking any information related to exams is not acceptable.

Most of us don’t share a relationship with Maths. And it was no different for this student, who went on to take out his frustration about Maths… on the examiner.

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He wrote, “If the evaluator doesn’t pass me then, I shall be forced to do black magic on him and his family, so they all die. I am a good student and have written all the papers well. However, Maths is the only tough subject to crack… It is not my mistake but the mistake of Maths.. it is so tough. I dream of going to colleges like my brothers and in case if I fail, then all my family members will abuse me saying that I can’t even pass in Maths. Then I will be forced to hang myself.”

And we think being an examiner is easy work!

News Source: Ahmedabad Mirror

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