Ex-Indian Idol Contestant Exposes Its Allegedly Ugly & Inhuman Audition Process


Indian Idol has been one of the most popular shows on television. It has featured talented judges, nail-biting competition, hilarious auditions and a ton of memes.

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Many of its winners have gone onto perform for Bollywood and even more have faced heartbreak. Some episodes have also featured spats between the judges and the contestants. But, according to a Twitter user, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Being a participant of the 2012 edition of Indian Idol, Nishant Kaushik opened up about his audition experience. And, if it’s true, then you’ll never see the show in the same way again.

1. Those are real people in those lines.

2. And the truth bombs begin to drop.

3. They’re singers, not actors!

4. What’s with the constant abusing?

5. This is just disgusting.

6. Did anyone check if the crew of Indian Idol are even human?

7. This is brutal.

8. From verbal abuse to physical abuse.

9. The bravery of these contestants should be lauded.

10. That’s not at all funny.

11. Their excuse will be that that’s how show-biz works.

12. They didn’t spare the labourers as well.

It’s needless to say Indian Idol has provided a national level platform for singers to showcase their talent and carve a niche for themselves. But that doesn’t allow the show organizers to mistreat and abuse contestants just because they are in need. It’s a classic case of abuse of power and position to garner TRPs by adding unnecessary ‘masala‘ in the form of forced ‘mein gareeb hoon‘, ‘meri vidwa ma aur andhi behen‘ kind of stunts. It’s a talent platform for singers. And it should stay that way. Period.

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