Watch: Video Of Ex-BSP MP’s Son Brandishing A Gun At A Couple In Delhi 5-Star Hotel

Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?” A line that has featured in many a comedy skits and movies. A running joke about the quintessential offspring of some politically or financially powerful individual, who believes he/she can get away with anything with just their famous surnames. A stereotype that never gets old because there are, in fact, actual people like this in real life among us.

And now video footage of one such individual with a powerful political family background creating havoc in a 5-star hotel in Delhi is making the rounds on the internet.

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According to the Times of India, the Hyatt hotel in Delhi witnessed the son of former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey, Ashish Pandey, get into an altercation with a couple. In the incident which occurred on Saturday night, Ashish is said to have threatened the couple with a pistol.

NDTV reports that Ashish started threatening the woman after she objected to him walking into a woman’s washroom.

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In the video, a security guard and a woman who was with Ashish is seen trying to get him away from the couple and into the car. Even after getting into the car, he supposedly threatened the couple that he would see them again unless they apologised.

Watch the video here:

The Delhi Police have filed a case against him under the Arms Act at the RK Puram Police Station. Meanwhile, Times Now reports that the hotel management did not inform the police about the incident until Monday.

Reportedly, the accused had also posted photos of himself showing off his gun collection on his Facebook profile. However, they have since been deleted.

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The Delhi Police has issued a statement saying that they have registered a case against him on their own:

“No complainant has come forward in the case and we have registered the case under the Arms Act against an unknown suspect. Identity will be ascertained soon.

A complaint from Assistant Security Manager, Hyatt Regency Hotel, RK Puram, has been received regarding the incident that occurred on the intervening night of 13/14 Oct 2018.  A male is seen brandishing a weapon in the footage. Accordingly, a case U/S 25/27 Arms Act has been registered. Efforts are on to identify the person. Legal action is being taken as per law.”

Ashish Pandey, whose brother is also an MLA, is a realtor from Lucknow. However, he frequents the capital regularly with his friends. It is yet to see how this case will proceed. We hope justice prevails before we have another Vijay Mallya-Nirav Modi type situation.