Ex-Boyfriend Crashes Bride’s Wedding In UP, Forcefully Applies Sindoor On Her Forehead

In a bizarre incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, a guy gate-crashed his alleged girlfriend’s wedding and forcefully applied sindoor on her forehead in a bid to stop the marriage. A video of the incident has gone viral online. Have a look:

According to News18, the guy and the girl were in a relationship. A couple of months back, the guy went to another city to earn money. It was in his absence that the family of the bride fixed her marriage to someone else. When the girl tried to convince her parents, they didn’t listen to her.

On the day of the wedding, right when the varmala ceremony was about to happen, the jilted lover appeared and forcefully applied sindoor on the girl’s forehead, as the groom just stood and watched. However, members of the family were later seen beating up the guy.

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News18 reports that the family called the police with whose help the awkward situation came to an end. The bride was finally made to marry the groom.

On seeing the video, people online came up with hilarious reactions!

Not sure if this is real life or a television serial!

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