Chef Creates Realistic Cakes That Look Like Pizza, Fruits & Other Household Objects


There is no dearth of creativity in the world. Earlier, a photography enthusiast built a house that resembled a camera and now Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil is treating us with videos of her cakes that look strikingly like everyday objects (aloe vera plant, apples, pizza, a bar of soap and many more).

According to TIME Magazine, her recent compilation video of these realistic cakes that can fool just about anyone went viral online.

Soon enough, the #EverythingIsCake hashtag began trending. People started sharing more videos of objects that looked normal until someone cut it with a knife revealing that it was, in fact, cake. A few poked fun at the trend by cutting into household items and others made jokes about the Earth, their favourite pop-culture characters and even themselves being cake.



These videos literally broke our trust because we thought we knew what we were seeing but it all turned out to be cake! So typical of this year, don’t you think?

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