13 Amusing Traits Of Every Housemaid In India

The one thing that is probably as annoying as a crying baby is an annoying maid. They’re hard to find, and even harder to keep. Their tantrums make it worse. In some ways, maids aren’t around to reduce stress, but to add a little more to your already stressful life. Following are the traits of a typical irritating maid.

1. Coming on time is never an option for them

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God forbid they do it. The world will come to an end.


2. Asking for a raise every two months is their hobby


And not just by a 100-150 bucks. It has to be at least 500. Yeah, no thanks.


3. They won’t clean properly unless you supervise them to do it

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Because that’s why I paid you. To be your teacher.


4. Taking too many off days is a part of their job profile

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5. They will ALWAYS ignore your requests

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“Sabji mein bohot tel hota hai aunty. Kam dala karo.” *Even greasier sabji for lunch the next day*


6. They will always move your things while cleaning and never put it back

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The lamp does NOT go there, man.


7. They will never pick up things to clean underneath

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Oh, the horror, if they do.


8. Once the fan is off, it will never get back on again

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9. Utensils are never fully clean

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And you end up consuming soap with your soup.


10.  And your clothes reek of detergent

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All. The. Time.


11. Their gossip sessions with their friends happen right outside your door

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Gosh, come in already!


12. But, you feel utterly special when she brings you pedhas when her children clear their exams

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And the joy they have when their children are going to get married.


13. And she knows she has someone to talk to about her life

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And that to some extent, you understand.

And despite her slacking habits, you treat her with love because you respect her for being an independent woman who works to support her family.

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