European Woman Breaks Up With Indian BF As He Prioritises Friends Over Her, Seeks Advice

Some breakups lead people to give up on true love. Some other breakups help people to dodge a bullet. And in a world where there are more bullets than fairytales, we need to be wary of the red flags that from time to time, appear in front of us.

For example, a European woman with an Indian boyfriend shared certain problematic traits that the guy has and asked the good people of r/india on Reddit whether it was reasonable for her to break up with him.

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She was in a relationship with the guy for 1.5 years when she lived in India and she found that the guy would always run off to his friends instead of spending time with her. For instance, she spent 4 days in Delhi for his brother’s wedding and the guy would be too busy with his friends.

“Apart from the wedding day, we barely spent 5 hours together as he was ‘too busy’ drinking and playing with his cousins and other relatives. On a Sunday morning, while I was still in bed with him, he got a call from his running buddies and got up immediately telling me they invited him to have breakfast with him and had to leave, so he told me I could either stay at his place or go back to my place,” she wrote.

Even on days when she would cook for him, he would prefer spending time with his friends. He also bailed out on many of his promises apparently.

“His promises were always never fulfilled (‘We’ll spend NYE together’, and then he would actually meet his family). He would always spend his money on stupid things (watches, sports clothes…), get everything with his credit card (bike, laptop…) and would rarely have 500 rupees to go on a trek with me. His flatmate once told me I was a kutti (bitch) and my ex didn’t say anything.”

The guy is 30 years old and the two broke up. The guy is currently in Europe and is in a relationship with another woman. The woman asked people online if she really dodged a bullet.

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Have a look at her full post here:

What do you think of my Indian ex? Did I dodge a bullet? from india

Several people took to the comments section and showered her with support. They reassured her that she did, in fact, dodge a huge missile. Have a look:

What are your views on the woman’s experience dating this dude?

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