Remember SRK’s ‘Palat’ Dialogue? Euron Saying It To Cersei In This Viral Video Has Twitter ROFL!

Disclaimer: Major spoiler alert!

Game of Thrones Season 8 finally premiered yesterday and as you can say, fans couldn’t contain their excitement! From reactions to memes and everything in between, the internet was flooded with too much information to soak in. But one particular video tops it all.

So, ever since the trailer release, we got a major hint that Euron Greyjoy will be coming to Kings Landing with his iron fleet and mercenaries from the Golden Company.

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Episode 1 of the final season did, in fact, bring all those speculations alive. Euron did arrive with thousands of mercenaries and horses. And we all knew what that would lead to – Cersei Lannister thanking Euron by having sex with him.

However, he didn’t bring one thing which surprisingly Cersei is a fan of – elephants. Yes, we were amazed as well.

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The absence of horses left Cersei unimpressed enough to change her mind about the “deal”. But Euron is known to have his words make way for him, and Cersei fell prey to his desires.

What happened next made us all sigh, till somebody made a spoof out of the scene!

SRK’s famous DDLJ dialogue ‘Palat Palat Palat’ has been perfectly edited into the scene and the end result is hilarious!

However facepalm-worthy the scene might have been, this spoof with its spot on lip-syncing has got us fans completely cracked up!

While the final season is all set to be dark and full of terrors, we can’t wait for more such spoofs to lighten the GOT-drenched soul a little bit!

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