Esha Gupta Says A Brand Sued Her As She Wasn’t Ready To Endorse Their Skin Whitening Products

Even in 2022, when a lot has been shared and spoken about colorism, racism, and bullying, India’s obsession with fair skin has not ceased to exist. People have gone to the extent of photoshopping the images of celebs to make them look fair and beautiful as per society’s standards.

The advertisement of fairness creams and the use of the words ‘fair’ and ‘light’ were considered toxic hence the health ministry decided to slap jail term and fine for promoting fair skin.

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Bollywood actor Esha Gupta who has been acing roles in several movies is also done with us prioritizing people with fair skin. The ‘Jannat 2’ actor who is nowhere inferior in talent to her industry counterparts recently spoke about how Bollywood and the audiences alike discriminate against people who are not fair-skinned.


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Talking about an incident when she felt insecure about her complexion and Indian features, she divulged, “It happened with a brand contract once and it was actually my fault and that of my ex-agency. We did not read the contract properly, which said whitening and not brightening products. If I put cucumber on my face or eat the right food every day, the brightness of my face will make a difference.”

“But the brand decided to screw me and sue me because I wasn’t ready to endorse their skin whitening products. That’s when I realized that we come from a land where there’s a problem.”


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She even spoke about the sick mindset that thinks people with fair skin are superior than others. “Some Indians have the mindset where we think like white supremacy. Americans are fighting it.”

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“White supremacy means people who have a dark colour or dark skin, are meant to be slaves because those who are fair think God made them as the ones who are supposed to rule.”

She added that TV ads that have the power to influence people also showcase and encourage this mentality.

“India’s problem is far older, too. We still believe that fair skin is superior, fair girls are prettier, and fair people get their way. That’s what we show in our ads too. You put on a cream and the guy will accept you. Who wouldn’t want to marry you? You apply the cream and you’ll get that dream job.”


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However, it’s only when you step out of the country you’ll realize the worth of having Indian features and skin tone.

“But when you take your Indian skin tone, without makeup, with your real textured and voluminous hair, which is all Indian, and go anywhere abroad, in Europe and the people there will say, you’re the most beautiful girl we’ve seen. That’s when you realize there’s a space for everyone all over the world.”

The ‘Aashram 3’ actor further shared that it’s easy to play the damsel in distress because people think that’s what a woman is like.

“I’m not saying this with respect to society – the entire world feels that a woman needs help. There‚Äôs a perception that a woman can‚Äôt reach anywhere status-wise. She is considered physically weak because human society has taught us to think that way.”

“If you look at the animal kingdom, things are different. It’s the lioness, who actually goes out, preys, and attacks to get the food. The lion doesn’t do anything,” she concluded.

This is not the first time Esha has spoken about colourism in Bollywood. However, she was also called out after her racist conversation about a Nigerian footballer went viral.

What do you think of her claims?

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