Esha Deol On Living A Simple Life, Travelling In Rickshaws Despite Being A Star Kid

Today, we get to see the glamorous lives of many star kids. From travelling in luxury cars to taking vacations in exotic places around the world, many star kids live the kind of life most of us can only dream of.

However, actor Esha Deol recently opened up about how she lived a simple and disciplined life despite both her parents being big Bollywood stars, reports Hindustan Times.

“Yes, my parents are superstars. They are legends, but both of them have been excellent in bringing us up in a humble and down-to-earth manner with a lot of discipline, and have instilled sanskaar, and taught us to respect our elders. I give them the complete credit of giving us a normal childhood.”

She went on to claim that she travelled in rickshaws and trains and even in school, people used to treat her normally.

“Even in the school that they sent us to, we were treated normally, not as star kids. I travelled in rickshaws. I played a lot of sports back then and we had to go to tournaments at various places around the country and we all travelled by train. People who know me today, know that I can be as normal as I can be.”

Further, she alleged that even the paparazzi don’t click her pictures as she shares a “lovely understanding” with them.

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“Today, I think it is the culture that we have picked up. The paparazzi are just doing their job; they have always given a lot of respect to my family and me. If I am ever not comfortable being photographed, they don‚Äôt click me. I share a lovely understanding with them.”

Unlike other star kids whose pictures often flood social media, Esha Deol keeps her daughters, Radhya and Miraya, private.

“My kids are for my husband, family, and me, and I prefer to keep them private; it is me who is a public figure. I want my kids to have a normal childhood too.”

To live the kind of life celebrities live, under the constant eye and scrutiny of people, privacy and a simple life are indeed a privilege.

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