Everyone’s Wondering Who This Entrepreneur Couple Is And Now We Finally Have The Answer!

If you, just like yours truly, live and breathe social media, then you probably saw an Indian couple’s picture creating major hoopla on the social channels.

Yep, these guys!

The curiosity levels on social media were running super high as people tried to figure out who this couple really was and what was their story.

It was creating quite the buzz on Instagram…



… and Twitterati too seemed to be asking the same question: who is this #EntrepreneurCouple and what is their story?



And now, looks like we may finally have our answer! Actor/VJ Ranvijay Singh decided to help us curious folks out by revealing that the duo is, in fact, Taru and Ankur Gupta, business couple extraordinaire!

So wait, what makes Ankur and Taru a couple worth talking about? What’s their story? Well, it all started with an opportunity that they grasped with eager hands….

Ankur had a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and was working for one of the leading VLSI design companies in the world. His wife, Taru, an MBA holder, managed the HR department of an Oberoi hotel chain unit.

Seems like the perfect job and the perfect life right? What more could they want? Ah, now here’s where fate intervened!

Ankur realized that his passion didn’t lie in his current job. He’d rather take a leap of faith, and do something that didn’t just excite him, but also provided financial flexibility. Tough combo, isn’t it, to get your paycheck from your passion?

But Ankur and Taru managed to find the right balance of both when they decided to become entrepreneurs under Amway Business Owner model (ABO) which empowers individuals through guided entrepreneurship!

Their search to find something that allowed them the freedom to live their own lives and yet not compromise on their earnings found the perfect match in Amway’s Guided Entrepreneurship opportunity.

Amway’s Guided Entrepreneurship opportunity involves moving (retailing) Amway products from manufacturer to customers directly; an opportunity that offered them income potential, flexibility in pace and contribution, lots of travel opportunities, and a certain prestige.

As Amway Entrepreneurs, Ankur and Taru moved to higher levels in the business, and yet managed to have sufficient time for their family and ample financial security. What more do you need?

You’d think the couple took a bold leap, choosing Amway over their corporate jobs. But guess what? The numbers were always on their side!

Recently, Aon, a leading HR and Rewards Consulting firm conducted a comparative analysis of the advantages of choosing to be an Amway Business Owner vis-à-vis having a full-time career either in the public or private sector.

Considering the demography of the country and the focus on entrepreneurship, flexibility, empowerment and autonomy, trends were analyzed to see how adequately the ABO model is geared to not only withstand but also flourish in the changing times.

The study was conducted based on different employment aspects like year-on-year earning progression, levels of earning, linkage of earning to performance and other parameters, and opportunities provided irrespective of gender, location, educational qualification, etc. And the results  sure do speak for themselves!

Ankur and Taru have been reaping the rewards of their association with Amway Business for 17 years now. But that’s not all they do! Attached to their current role is the rather noble role of being mentors to aspiring business owners!

Ankur and Taru have managed to build a beautiful, successful life on their own terms. And they want to help others like them do the same. When they realised they could mentor people to setup and become entrepreneurs from their homes, they jumped at this opportunity eagerly.

As coaches, the couple have managed to enrich the lives of several hopefuls and direct them to be leaders in their own right, just like them!

Whoa, right? Ankur and Taru’s success story sure gives us oodles of hope and inspiration! It makes you believe that your dreams are just within your grasp; all you’ve gotta do is reach out and grab them!

To know more about the AON study, click here.

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